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7 deadly sins of DIY design, part 2: Attack of the design zombies

Mar 22, 2012   //   by krysten   //   advice, Blog, design & branding  //  2 Comments

Don't fall victim to the graphic design zombies! (Source:

Beware… There are zombies are among us! Walking, talking beings devoid of any conscious thought or willpower, they see and hear what’s around them, but are unable to respond. This is because they are being controlled by evil sorcerers who dabble in the magical arts of graphic design!

OK, so they’re not zombies in the dramatic sense. But there are an overwhelming number of people out there who will do things for no apparent reason (and this is by no means limited to design). When you apply this lack of logic to something like graphic design, you can end up with a bloody mess… Like when a zombie, say, rips a someone’s head right off and then has no idea why it did it.

I actually don’t know what zombies do, so it’s hard to give a reasonable example.

But anyway. Zombies don’t usually care if what they do makes sense—but I’m guessing that you do. And if you’re going to be undertaking a DIY design project, fight to break free of the spell of the magical sorcerer who’s enticing you to commit these final Deadly Sins of DIY Design.

A quick recap:

Last time we covered Deadly Sins of DIY Design 1 through 4. To recap, those were:

  • Using Comic Sans.
  • Filling up every square centimeter of available real estate.
  • Using bad graphics.
  • Changing your colors as often as you change your underwear.

And now, to complete your “sex ed” of design and overcome the evil sorcerer, here are 5 through 7.


Wine & Design: 15 creative wine bottle labels

Nov 6, 2011   //   by krysten   //   admire & inspire, Blog  //  No Comments


If you’re like me, you don’t mind having a glass of wine (or two) while working on a creative project. While most companies frown upon working under the influence (WUI) and especially drinking while working (DWW), I’ve found that it can sometimes help my creative juices flow. Just remember to find the right balance. Here are 15 eye-catching wine labels that prove that wine and work do, on occasion, mix! If you find that you can’t sip on a glass of wine while working, at least these labels will inspire your creativity.





5 secrets to help non-designers fake it

Aug 5, 2011   //   by krysten   //   advice, Blog, design & branding  //  2 Comments

Grab your graphic designer hat and form your own art department with these essential design tips.

With the economy still struggling up a steep, muddy hill, it’s not uncommon for companies — particularly small businesses — to opt to internalize all design work when they may have outsourced it in the past. If a talented individual (or maybe just someone with a good eye for detail) steps in, more power to him or her. But if that’s not the case, and your company finds yourself lacking a, well, lackey skilled in the ways of the visual arts, never fear. I have compiled 5 essential tips to help you develop your creative streak and (hopefully) prevent you from making a mockery of your company — or at least drawing attention to the fact that times are a little tough for you right now.


5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Logo Design to the Pros

Aug 5, 2011   //   by krysten   //   advice, Blog, design & branding  //  No Comments

For many companies, graphic design is considered a luxury, not a necessity — even in good economic times. And in the midst of a recession, I bet you’re looking for ways to cut back on your budget, and graphic design might be on the chopping block. It’s all fluff, you think. If it were important, I wouldn’t be able to run my business on my own… right?

Business card

What appears on this card could make or break your business. (Image: SXC)

Wrong. Design is more than making things look pretty. You may have the greatest message in the world, crafted by the most compelling copywriter. But guess what? If you can’t make it look pretty, ain’t no one gonna read it. Then your wonderful message is lost to the world.

Logos are one of the most important parts of a company’s message. With a single glance, a logo can convey volumes of information to potential clients. What kind of people are you? What is your focus? Are you able to give clients the one-on-one care they need, or are you so big that you don’t have the time? Should I work with you? With this much pressure resting on one piece, it’s best to leave it up to the pros. Here are 5 reasons why.